Saturday, March 9, 2013

The 43 Trees Project started as an idea that would honor the trees lost during Super Storm Sandy.  The idea was to write 43 tree obituaries, one for every year we have celebrated Earth Day. As we assemble the project we have discovered that the artists and writers participating are often writing about personal experiences and people they have known. Their stories are diverse and add texture to the project. When  reading these poems and narratives we find ourselves developing a personal relationship to the trees being described.

And it's easy to become emotionally attach to these trees. Trees are beloved and respected everywhere. There is something universal about them.  Their growth and maturity often mimics that of a humans.  We see them growing fast early, becoming tall and strong in adolescence, shining with a brilliant canopy in mid-life and finally returning to the ground in old age. They stand with outstretched limbs that seem to welcome all those who enter their realm and we often think of them wise, deeply rooted friends.

If there is one goal that we wish to achieve with this project, it would be to have everyone look at the environment as a friend, a friend that can no longer be ignored or abused.

Here is a picture of  Jacqueline, soon you will be able to read her life story.

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